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 CIBIC Background
 CIBIC Function

Co-Initiated by Chinese and Italian governments, China-Italy Technology Transfer Centre was formally founded on April 25, 2011.The establishment of China-Italy Technology Transfer Center provided an important platform of scientific and technological cooperation, innovation communication, talent exchange, and technology transfer and sharing of information between China and Italy.
With the support of both Ministry of Science and Technology of China and Beijing Municipal Government, Beijing Municipal Commission of Science and Technology lead and manage the program by cooperating with the Agency for the Diffusion of Technologies for the Innovation of Italy. As one of the key work of China-Italy Technology Transfer Center, China-Italy Business Innovation Center has also been activated.
China-Italy business Innovation Center (CIBIC hereinafter) is supervised by Beijing Municipal Commission of Science and Technology. With a close cooperation between Beijing Hi-tech International Business Incubator and its Italian partners, CIBIC is a professional service organization specialized in providing one-stop services in the areas of technology transfer, cooperation matching-up, and innovative incubation between Italian and Chinese SMEs.

Professional Service Team

CIBIC has an internationalized professional service team comprising of experienced professionals and experts in technology innovation services from both China and Italy. The professional services we offer include: market research, project planning, technology transfer, legal and tax advice, financial service etc. which cover various traditional and emerging industries such as modern agriculture, mechanical equipment, bio-pharmaceutics, new energy and clean technology, etc.

All team members possess sense of globalization; experienced in international technological business incubation and management, and very familiar with Chinese and Italian technological culture, policies and regulations, financial investment, channel information and business rules. Our service team is able to communicate efficiently with our clients without linguistic barriers, so to perfectly satisfy the demands of Italian and Chinese SMEs.

Efficient Service Model

China-Italy Business Innovation Center applies China-Italian synergistic service model, with identical department structure and personnel staffing at both sides. The staffs working on same project at both sides make synchronous communication regarding project development, working synergistically according to the standardized service procedures, thus every process of a project is handled by identical deparments, to aviod any progress delay by geographic and linguistic obstacles.
The SMEs in Italy and China may just communicate with the local staffs of China-Italy Center. Their need and demand will be pased on to the staffs at corresponding deparment of counterpart market, and then the tailored service will be provided according to the real need of the SMEs. Meanwhile, the local staffs of China-Italy Center will follow the project and keep the SMEs updated with the progress of the project.

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